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Local Moves Help

Our interstate agents are trained to offer local services under their brands and own businesses.
Local moves have become much easier.

Across Town Moving?

In case you are moving, the charge of a moving company will be determined by the distance you have to go through.
Give your best to understand the provided terminology and characteristics of each move type before you begin your move.
Out of State Moving has shared basic information to help you determine about the type of a moving firm you may hire.

Local Moves

Residential Moving Services

Local Moving
Local moves are simply short distance moves inside one state. The size and mileage of the move are not the first factor to consider the moving to be local. What is important is if your moving crosses the state line. If it is the case, we have a long distance move.

Intrastate Moving
Intrastate moves are usually longer distance moves in one state. They couldn’t be regarded as local despite the fact that they are inside the same state, too.

Interstate Moving
Interstate moves differ from local or intrastate moving since they include moving loads across the state lines. Interstate moves can be called long distance, cross country or, sometimes state-to-state moving, and they need the authority that is special to move from one state to another. Interstate moves require special authority, granted by Federal regulations, to perform any part of a move from one state to another.

Local Moves

Local Home Moving Services

More than 300 well-coordinated United agents provide full and long-distance moving services for us. But, if you are moving locally, in one state, we have interstate agents who can independently offer local moving services under their own brands and businesses.

Here’s how the United/Interstate Agent relationship works:

We at Out of State Moving have a special professional network that consists of hundreds independently operated and owned companies located across the country. They help us provide all moving services you can want from one nationwide moving company.

What is more, our long-distance moving agents independently serve local customers under their own brands and businesses. In case you need a local move, inside the same state, just take a look at a list of the local moving company below.

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